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The database has been updated to include opinions delivered in the year 2012 (for cases argued from the 2011 term). We had a few bugs with getting the majority opinion writers correct. Please be vigilant for issues and report them if you find any.

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This site allows you to access a searchable database of all the rulings of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) for the terms from 1946 to 2011.

The goal here is to create a more browsable, user-friendly database. Typically, SCOTUS information is locked up in difficult search engines that only work well if you already have a strong idea what you're trying to locate. Our goal is to provide something more fluid and click-friendly, so you can breeze through the information without a large amount of foreknowledge about the cases.

That said, this resource should be treated as a starting point, not an end point. It is not the definitive resource. It's just an easier resource. So, if you're doing research, please make an effort to follow the citations and build out from what you find here.

We are looking to add new features in the near future. Please check back periodically to see what's new.

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